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CLOSER TO HOME - HOUSTON UPDATES: Online School and Interfaith Programs

Building upon the great success of our winter in-school programs at ILM Academy and The Emery/Weiner School (EWS), JPB led more impactful courses at Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart. In April, after months of planning and preparation, we led an online interfaith program called Building Bridges for 100+ Jewish, Christian, and Muslim 6th-8th graders from ILM, EWS, and St. Cecilia Catholic School. Our Interfaith Youth Houston program also had a final online event focused on Celebration in that same month with our program partners at Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church, Houston Congregation for Reform Judaism, and ILM. In total, our after- and in-school programs impacted over 700 students and faculty this school year! Already, plans are taking shape to expand our reach into more welcoming schools and faith communities this fall.

Jewish, Christian, and Muslim guest faith leaders speak to 100+ students about Compassion through Faith during the Building Bridges program


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