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NEW JERUSALEM CO-DIRECTORS HIRED! Vallie, Zak match experience with heart

JPB's Israeli affiliate, JPB Leadership Development, is pleased to welcome Vallie Rourke Miller and Zak Adileh to the team. As the Jerusalem Regional Co-Directors, Vallie and Zak will oversee the program's direction, content, and administration - bringing experience, heart, and passion to the organization and its programs. Upon their hire, they offered these words:

"I feel honored to have found a place where I can bring my whole identity into the work - while leading others in a process of doing the same." ~ Vallie

"I believe that all human beings should live in dignity, equality, and peace. For that, I joined JPB to carry on my mission to help everyone live a fair life and practice their faith in peace." ~ Zak

Vallie grew up in an interfaith home in New Jersey. Her upbringing has greatly inspired her passion for interfaith peacebuilding. Since 2015, Vallie has called Jerusalem "home". There, she has focused on nonviolent activism, and building diasporic community in the holy land. She comes with an extensive background in activism, education, and community building. Vallie is passionate about participatory education and creating immersive learning experiences for others, particularly around identity and its intersection with human rights. She holds a BA from Tel Aviv University in Contemporary Jewish & Israel Studies, and Middle Eastern Studies, as well as an MA in Nonprofit Management & Leadership from the Hebrew University.

Zak was born and raised in Jerusalem as a native Arabic speaker. He previously served as a Logistics Manager with Tech2Peace and has participated in many dialogues around the conflict as a means to gain more knowledge of the reality that both sides are living in. Zak hopes that hard work among Israelis, Palestinians, and internationals will create a new generation of young skilled leaders who work for peace in the Middle East. He holds a BA in English Literature from the Arab American University and a Diploma in Environmental Studies from the Arava Institute.

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