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SUMMER REUNIONS AND ALUMNI PROGRAM BEGIN: Youth peacebuilders reconnect and continue learning

After four successful online Summer Institutes, the team moved forward with organizing a series of virtual reunions for mid-October. We originally planned to hold the events in-person and outdoors, but Israel was soon gripped by a paralyzing second wave of COVID-19 cases. Even though the country ordered a second lockdown, our community proved that it wanted to stay connected no matter what. Everyone was happy to share stories, play games, and simply be together again; as friends, as peacebuilders, as leaders.

At the reunions, we announced the launch of an exciting Online Alumni Program. For the next seven months, JPB alumni will be invited to join a series of webinar sessions featuring guest speakers, sharing holiday recipes, learning more about our religions, panel discussions, and much more! The program will offer our community the perfect space continue learning, growing, and supporting one another.

We held our first online alumni forum last week, which featured Prof. Seth Cantey of Washington and Lee University. Prof. Cantey spoke to the group about the recent Abraham Accords and their impact on the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process. After the presentation, alumni asked questions and engaged in a respectful dialogue on the Accords and their work as peacebuilders. Holiday foods will feature at our next forum in December, with more to follow!


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