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Program Fees (International Participants):

With the support of JPB’s generous donors we are able to provide Summer Institute programming free of charge to selected participants.   

Participant Flight Fee: All participants are responsible for organizing the funding for their own flight. All flights are booked through JPB. Flight costs will be shared in April 2020. The flight cost will range between $1300.00-1550.00 USD. This number may fluctuate slightly each year depending on airline and time of purchase. Flight payment is due in full at the Pre-Departure Meeting (PDM) held in mid-May.

Participant USA Visa Application Fee: All participants are required to fill out and submit their own USA Visa application to ensure travel to the USA. The cost of the application as of January 1, 2020 is $160.00 USD.*


Participant Traveler's Health Insurance Fee: All participants are required to purchase and provide documentation of traveler's health insurance during their time in the USA. Please follow up with your health insurance provider for more information about current pricing.

*If a participant is accepted into JPB’s summer program but their USA visa application is denied, JPB is not responsible for recouping the cost of the visa application fee to the participant and their family.

Need ideas about how to fundraise for the Summer Institute? Check out this video from one of our JPB alums!

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