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Program Overview:


Building on the success of our Summer Institutes, in 2020 JPB launched a series of Alumni Activities as a way to keep our summer and in-school youth alumni engaged in leadership development, peacebuilding, and interfaith community.

Alumni Activities are a platform for JPB participants who have completed one of our In-School Courses or Summer Institutes to continue developing their relationships, building skills, and practicing leadership. The program offers a series of post-summer reunions, social events, workshops, teaching opportunities, and community service-projects. Our alumni range between the ages of 15 - 26+ years old. 


Participants of the Alumni Program are invited to apply for Summer Institute employment positions, receive peer mentoring, and develop themselves personally, professionally, and spiritually for potential success later in life. The program is open to all our youth alumni!

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2024-2025 School Year Dates and Events:

  • October 2024 - Summer 2024 Reunions

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