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NEW SCHOOL PROGRAM LAUNCHING IN JERUSALEM: Palestinian school offers access to key constituency

In an exciting development, JPB increased its reach to more Palestinian youth in Jerusalem by adding a third high school leadership program to its profile at the Dar Al-Maarefa School. The Dar Al-Maarefa School is situated in a unique part of Jerusalem located outside the Separation Barrier, but inside the Jerusalem Municipal boundary. Thus, its students represent a disadvantaged segment of the Jerusalem population that our programs aim to reach.

Working with 9th grade students, JPB is spending the next five months preparing teens to participate in our Service-Learning Program this August in New Haven, CT. Using the same specialized curriculum as the JPB program at Sts. Tarkmanchatz School, the Dar Al-Maarefa students are beginning the journey of leadership that is crucial for any future peace in Israel and Palestine.

Students work on vision and goal setting

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