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AN ISRAELI FAMILY EXPRESSES THEIR GRATITUDE: Letter from a Service-Learning alum's parent

My son Tal Tzipori won a scholarship to go to New Haven this summer as a result of the MUN project. He had an amazing experience there learning about the three monotheistic religions, conflict resolution, the refugee crisis and many other topics. They visited Yale University's campus and the United Nations Headquarters in New York City where they met diplomats and learned about international etiquette.

Tal delivers his speech on service and peacebuilding

Tal and JPB teens practicing service at a local New Haven school

By taking away the kids phones at the beginning of the trip, the teens spent most of their time communicating with each other and re-learning about social interaction. We were given daily Facebook updates about what they were learning and pictures showing they were having a good time. We were allowed to speak to them twice during the ten-day trip and Tal's voice really expressed his enjoyment. This was not a regular camp in America experience with extreme sports and fun activities. This program was a true eye-opening educational experience and one I don't think Tal will forget.

~Libby Tzipori

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