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NEW PARTNERSHIP WITH ISRAELI SCHOOL NETWORK: Relationship with Amal Group advances programming

This fall, JPB and the Amal Group began discussions on piloting a series of leadership and peacebuilding workshops in Jewish and Arab schools in Israel. Based on the success of the workshops, we hope to recruit several promising students for our summer institutes in the USA.

The Amal educational network (est. 1928) is a leading school network in Israel, with 128 educational institutions across the country, including high schools, junior high schools and colleges, with a total enrollment of over 40,000 students. Amal provides an educational-academic framework with an emphasis on technology, the sciences and the arts for all strata of the population from high-achieving young people of Israel's elite to young people who are at risk. Beyond the Jewish sector, Amal brings together Arab and Jewish schools for cross-sector programs, like English, leadership and MUN. It is here in these paired schools where JPB will focus its efforts.

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