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SUMMER 2018 ALUMNI MEET FOR REUNIONS: Meetings held for all four youth programs

In October, JPB Educators organized a series of alumni reunions in Tel Aviv, Israel for participants of JPB's four 2018 Summer Institutes in the USA. Over 50 teens, parents, and staff from the Voyager, Service-Learning, Interfaith Citizenship, and Leadership Institutes attended. The reunions featured dialogue, training, lots of smiles, and a delicious picnic lunch. Teens were given time to share and reflect on their summer experience, catch up with friends, and discuss ways they are using the knowledge and skills learned in JPB back in their home communities. While youth and staff met together, parents were able to connect and dialogue about their children being involved in JPB. The training portion of the reunions focused on discussing multiple narratives related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the importance of critical thinking and multi-angled analysis.

JPB alums happy to be reunited

Catching up with old friends and reflecting on the summer

Eager to stay connected and participate in our year-round programming, JPB staff discussed upcoming opportunities such as overnight workshop retreats, in-school programs, and holiday celebrations around Hanukkah and Christmas. Overall, everyone was very impressed with JPB and the parents all agreed that their teens were positively transformed by the experience.

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