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IN-SCHOOL PROGRAMS IN THE HOLY LAND GROW: JPB welcomed in multiple different regions

Across the Holy Land, JPB's In-school Leadership and Peacebuilding programs continue to find new homes and committed partners. In January, JPB led programs in four of its partner schools in the Galilee, including St. Joseph School and Seminary, Latin Patriarchate School of Reineh, Afaq High School in Kfar Manda, and our newest addition, the Nazareth Baptist School. This spring, our programs will engage high school students in other partner schools such as the Hand in Hand School in Jerusalem, Jerusalem School of Bethlehem, Tabeetha School in Jaffa, Al Qasemi High School in Baqa Al-Gharbiyyah , and the Sharet School in Netanya.

The programs feature a unique, experiential curriculum exploring topics of leadership, identity, communication, understanding conflict, and conflict resolution. With hundreds of teens participating during the 2018-2019 School Year, JPB's reach for systemic social change through education is that much closer.

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