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On April 30, JPB's band of 22 pilgrims from New England and Texas arrive in Jerusalem to begin our annual pilgrimage. Our encounter with the Lord God, together with the peoples and history of the Holy Land, will take us though central Israel, the Galilee, the West Bank and Jerusalem. The journey together promises to change our lives. Please pray for our insight and safety by joining us with these words of the Methodist minister, Leslie Weatherhead (1893 - 1976):

O Christ our Master,

Give us confidence. Deepen and increase our trust of you.

May we walk with our fellows not as those who have heard of you

But as those who are sure of you;

Not as those who know about you

But as those who know you.

Then timid though we have been,

With many a glance behind us,

We shall walk bravely along the pathway of your will

And all our fears will vanish.

Grant this for your Name's sake. Amen.

The Holy City Jerusalem from mosaic pilgrimage map in Madaba Jordan (6th Cent AD)

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