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HOPE IN HOUSTON: Fr. Nicholas teaches, preaches, & more!

Last month, Fr. Nicholas landed in Houston, TX for several events with St. John's School, St. Thomas Episcopal School, Houston Congregation for Reform Judaism, JPB pilgrims and donors! Lot's of hopeful progress was made, and many key relationships were strengthened. Check out these great photos from his visit!

JPB Board Member Philip Kensinger and Fr. Nicholas with Head of St. John’s School, Daniel Alig, and Director of Spiritual Life, The Rev. Ned Mulligan as part of the inaugural day in an annual series focusing on peacebuilding and leadership in honor of Philip’s father and JPB co-founder, the late Stuart Kensinger

As the keynote speaker of the new Kensinger Peacebuilding Lecture series, Fr. Nicholas shares powerful stories about leadership and peacebuilding to the entire St. John's Upper School

Fr. Nicholas speaks to St. John's School students in their religion class about the work of JPB

JPB pilgrims gather for a friendly reunion meal with Fr. Nicholas at one of their homes

Fr. Nicholas with Fr. Geoff Simpson of St. Thomas Episcopal School (STES) after preaching about JPB to the STES Upper School. Deacon Jack preached to the Lower School the day prior.

JPB Board Members, Dr. Danna Kurtin and Rabbi Steve Gross visit with Fr. Nicholas during the Interfaith Youth Houston Peace & Justice event at the Houston Congregation for Reform Judaism


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