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Dear Friends,

Ukraine is the latest victim of the inhumanity and violence that inevitably erupt from ignored group resentment and trauma. The images of homeless families and heroic citizens touch our hearts because they remind us of the fragility, resilience, and sacredness of human life. This struggle asks all whom it affects an age old question, “Quo vadis?” Where you heading? – toward healing or grievance?

Much of the Middle East writhes in the grip of these same destructive forces, and in Jerusalem, Israel and Palestine the question is the same: “Quo vadis?” Where you heading? – toward healing or grievance?

At Jerusalem Peacebuilders, the direction is clear. Our sole purpose is to empower Children of Abraham separated by violence, enmity, or prejudice to seek understanding, discover common ground, learn new skills, and strengthen their capacity to advance peaceful societies in Israel, in Palestine, and in the United States.

Everything we do – the summer peace and leadership institutes for teens, the school programs in Texas and the Holy Lands, the EXCEL teacher-training program for Israeli Arab and Jewish educators, the new interfaith Palestinian women’s leadership and economic empowerment initiative, and the annual pilgrimages – advances personal and social healing, acceptance, dignity, and peace.

Quo vadis?” War in the Ukraine and conflict in the Holy Lands require an answer. Thank you for walking together with us on the pathway to peace. JPB’s work is only possible through your prayers, volunteering, and generous support. May the God of Abraham bless you.

Peace, Խաղաղութիւն, שלום ,سلام Fr. Nicholas T. Porter + Founding Director


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