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ONLINE SCHOOL PROGRAMS LAUNCH ACROSS HOLY LANDS: New schools, new teachers, new opportunities

Our online education programs are now underway in several schools across the Holy Lands! Last week, we successfully ran our first Teacher Training workshop in which multiple English teachers from different sectors participated. The teachers are receiving training on our high school program, as their high school students are participating in the program. In the training, the teachers learned more about JPB's curriculum and engaged in some dialogue and storytelling exercises. JPB works with a wide array of partners in advancing our school programs, including the Amal Network, the Israeli Ministry of Education program "Excellence in the Periphery", and the Jerusalem Municipality "Shared Learning" program. Over the next two months we will work with over 100+ students and teachers and from varying backgrounds. In the new year, we will more than double that number.

A teacher shares her identity word cloud during the JPB training

Outside of Shared Learning, we will be working with students in a primarily uni-national format with the goal of developing a Level Two Online Program of cross-border activities and workshops. Both participants and teachers have been very enthusiastic, and we have already received a lot of positive feedback!


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