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SUMMIT DAYS GATHER OVER 1,700 TEENS IN TEL AVIV: JPB Educator leads youth through powerful program

As part of the Israeli Ministry of Education Diplomacy Major for high school students, each year, a series of Summit Days are held at the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv during the World Press Photo Exhibition. Since 2017, JPB and JPBLD Senior Educator, Sarah Benazera, have been supporting and leading Summit Days.

Funded in part by the US Embassy in Israel, the events include multiple days of impactful icebreakers, activities, workshops, dialogue, and tours at the museum. The exhibition is thought-provoking and powerful. Students gain a deeper understanding of the nuance of perspective, narrative, and subjectivity. Some of the topics addressed this year were: environmental issues, conservation, racism, war and conflict, COVID, empathy, and racial justice.

Over 1,700+ Students from nearly 80 different schools across Israel and Jerusalem came together. It is our hope that several of these motivated young leaders will choose to participate in our summer institutes this year!

Below you can view some of the photo essays produced by the students at the end of their Summit Day:

Students work on their photojournalism projects outside the museum

JPBLD Educator, Sarah Benazera, leads participants through the photo exhibition


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