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WORLD PRESS SUMMIT DAYS REACH 1,000+ YOUTH: Dynamic program led by JPB Staff

“Exceeded our expectations” was the feedback from the US Embassy with regard to the successful conclusion of the 2021 World Press Photo Exhibit Summit Days. This year’s Summit Days included over 1,000+, 10th grade students from over 70+ schools throughout the Holy Lands participating in the two-month program. The program functions as part of the Diplomacy Major in Israeli high schools. JPB Senior Educator and Curriculum Advisor, Sarah Perle Benazera, with financial support from the US Embassy (American Center Jerusalem) and the Israeli Ministry of Education, co-coordinated this year’s online format. According to Benazera, despite a few technical difficulties, the program went relatively smoothly. A reasonable assessment given the feedback from the US Embassy.

The program, which for the past three years has taken place at the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv during the World Press Photography Exhibition. This year, due to the pandemic, the entire program required adaptation to an online format. The new version encouraged students to connect through photojournalism, visual storytelling, learn about contemporary issues, media ethics, and the US perspective. Teachers and students were very happy with the program and projects. At the end of each summit day, students were invited to create their own photo essay.

This project is a labor of love for Sarah, who, as a career educator, storyteller, and dialogue facilitator, works with teenagers and young adults from diverse backgrounds in Israel and in the wider Middle East and North Africa Region. JPB has benefitted from her participation as a Senior Educator and Curriculum advisor since 2017. This is her 4th year co-facilitating the Summit Days. We are extremely grateful and proud of Sarah and the work she commits to so completely!


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