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KARN RETURNS TO SERVE AND TEACH IN JERUSALEM: Nine-month mission holds promise

On October 1, JPB Assistant Director Jack Karn returned to Jerusalem for nine months to serve in the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem with the Young Adult Service Corps (YASC). During his mission service, Jack is volunteering at St. George's Cathedral as a Pastoral Assistant, assisting in English instruction at St. George's School, and leading an improved JPB leadership program for students at the Sts. Tarkmanchatz Armenian School in the Old City.

Continuing to build upon the successes he achieved on his previous stay last spring, Karn will be instrumental to furthering JPB's Jerusalem Schools Initiative and strengthening the connections and partnerships with other people-to-people organizations. When asked about this undertaking, he said:

"I am grateful to return to Jerusalem and to further peace among the

peoples of Israel/Palestine. Historically, Christians have been bridge-builders

and agents of reconciliation in the Middle East. To embody that same spirit in

my service is a blessing that I will cherish every day."

This opportunity comes with significant costs to place Jack in Jerusalem. Therefore, we are making a special appeal on behalf of Jack for your help in supporting his work. Please consider making a donation to JPB online or by mail.

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