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FIRST IMPRESSIONS - LANDSCAPE: JPB's Program Director reflects on arriving to the Holy Land

I have arrived for my first time at the Ben Gurion Airport , after a long journey by car, train, and plane. As a newcomer, artist, and lover of nature, I am drawn to the muted colors and endless rolling hills that comprise the landscape between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The dusty red earth is speckled with endless white rocks; some form terraced walls and others lay half buried beneath the earth's surface. The hills are dotted with sage colored olive trees and short spindly brush creating some of the only shade the landscape would see until sunset. Countryside views always have a calming effect on me - something I needed as we entered the busy and somewhat chaotic atmosphere that is always Jerusalem. In my lap is a notebook with my list of to do's. There are so many alumni to catch up with, partners to strengthen relationships with and programs to plan over my next eight months. I can't wait to share my journey you with you as my time progresses. Above is a picture of the sun setting just outside Jerusalem. I am sending you warmth and light on your own journey of peacebuilding. See you in next month's newsletter.

~Adj Marshall, Program Director

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