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NEW SUMMER INSTITUTE DIRECTOR WELCOMED: Sarah Benazera brings extensive experience to summer and in-

JPB is pleased to welcome Sarah Perle Benazera to the staff team. As the Summer Institute Director for the Interfaith Citizenship program in Houston, TX, she will be overseeing the program's direction, content, and administration. An exceptional peacebuilder and youth professional, Benazera brings notable experience and talent to the organization and its program portfolio.

Sarah is a humanist, peace-activist, storyteller and educator, with years of hands-on experience in international and inter-cultural dialogue working at the people-to-people level for a better Middle East. After studying at the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies and meeting for the first time Jordanians and Palestinians, Sarah realized that cross-cultural dialogue and peace-building were her callings. She worked as a project manager and blog editor at YaLa Young Leaders for 5 years, developing and running a citizen journalism program, she has been involved in various Peace and Cooperation projects, organizing conferences, participating in panels and programs about peace education and cooperation, and working and volunteering with Kid4Peace Jerusalem and worked for the first time with JPB in 2014. She has studied Environmental Studies and Cross-Border Cooperation at Sde Boker and the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, as well as Political Philosophy at the Université Panthéon Sorbonne in Paris.

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