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JPB PARTICIPATES IN 2017 WORLD PRESS PHOTO EXHIBIT: Event in Tel Aviv uses photography to address gl

In January, JPB had the opportunity to work with the Diplomacy and International Communication in English program of the Israeli Ministry of Education. For two weeks, hundreds of students from sixty schools all over the country came to the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv to visit the 2017 World Press Photo Exhibition. The exhibition begins with the following words:

"The best stories teach us something new. They make us ask questions.

They illuminate the unseen and give voices to the unheard. They tell the

bravest and most important truths that are impossible to ignore.

And they challenge us to action."

During their time at the museum, students learned about photojournalism and discussed the photos that were featured. They learned about the power of visual storytelling and explored topics such as the protection of the environment, the migrant crisis, or inclusion in society. The young people showed insatiable curiosity and empathy in their sharing and engagement with the exhibition's content.

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