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BUILDING PEACE AND HEALING TOGETHER: Fall Pilgrimage strengthens partnership with St. John Eye Hospi

In early September, JPB Executive Director, Fr. Nicholas Porter led 60 members of the Order of St. John on a day of interfaith exploration in the Old City of Jerusalem. The group visited the Al-Aksa Complex, the Western Wall, the Mount of Olives, the St. John Eye Clinic in Muristan, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Armenian Convent of SS. James. JPB and the Order have been partners since 2012, with JPB leading education travel opportunities for the Order to deepen its membership's understanding of the region and its support of the St. John Eye Hospital Group. Fr. Nicholas has been an active member of the Order since 1996.

JPB and Order of St. John pilgrims in Jerusalem​

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