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Jerusalem Peacebuilders continues in excellent financial health. In 2021, we delivered $426,288 of peacebuilding services, breaking even for the year, with non-pilgrimage income landing at 98% of budget. Fr. Nicholas deserves great credit for managing the organization during COVID.

On 31 December 2021, JPB had $356.505 in cash, divided into four component funds.

1. Operating Account: $142,908.52. Operating funds are used for general and administrative salaries and program expenses. All donations pass through this account.

2. Stuart and Angela Kensinger Scholarship Fund for Girls: $91,970.87. These funds were raised after the tragic loss of two founding board members, Stuart and Angela Kensinger. The funds are disbursed at board discretion. In 2021, due to COVID, only $1,600 of scholarships were awarded.

3. New Director Fund: $25,020.69. Anticipating Fr. Nicholas' eventual retirement as Executive Director, these funds allow full compensation for a new director during a phase-in period, easing the challenges that might accompany such a transition.

4. Second Decade Fund: $96,605.26. New programs require startup capital and investment for basic research, development, and salaries prior to their attracting reliable donor support. The Second Decade Fund allows JPB to explore program development without straining the existing operational structure. Separating the funds focuses our attention and clarifies our intentional investment in systemic peacebuilding while giving the board an easy way of viewing and measuring the success and costs of these investments. In 2021 we utilized $7,867.62 to research the MyChoice Women’s Empowerment program.

Current Assets and Liabilities: We hold $10,397.69 of prepaid Travel agency fees and flight expenses for the 2021 Pilgrimage now rescheduled for October 2022. We also hold in our operating account $63,507 of deposits for that Pilgrimage. We will book this income after the completion of the Pilgrimage. We have no long-term debt.

COVID had a major impact on our expenses, but in the end, expenses for All Program activities were under budget by $49,863. It forced our Domestic Summer Camp to be held in Israel, with substantial changes in expense allocation. This resulted in the Domestic Youth program falling under budget by $38,781 because of the transferring of many expenses to the Holy Lands Youth Program, run by our affiliate JPBLD.

The Holy Lands Youth Program is administered by our affiliate, JPBLD, a registered non-profit in Israel. JPB transfers funds monthly to JPBLD where these funds are expensed per our directions. Total funds transferred to JPBLD in 2021 were $187,111.38.

Our mission and our financial position are well suited for continued growth and generosity. Thanks go to Fr. Nicholas, Deacon Jack, the entire the staff, board and our many donors for allowing us the privilege and joy of working toward peace.

Yours Truly,

Bruce A. Barrett



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