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ALL STEADY IN HOUSTON: In-person courses and events offer hope

The fall progressed well in Houston, with JPB Program Director, The Rev. Deacon Jack Karn, advancing key relationships with Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities and schools. In-school leadership courses were offered at St. Cecilia Catholic School (SCCS) and ILM Academy, while the Interfaith Youth Houston (IYH) program met virtually and in-person for two dynamic interfaith events. In-school sessions explored topics of identity, communication, conflict resolution. The IYH events engaged youth around faith, death, holidays, gratitude, and welcoming refugees. In total, nearly 200 youth and adults were impacted by JPB programs. There are already more exciting programs and events planned for the spring!

Click here to read a recent press article on the IYH program last month.

Students from Christian and Muslim Schools celebrate their graduation

and proudly display their certificates


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