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JPB JOINS ALLMEP SHINE A LIGHT EVENT: Staff sit in on panel discussion with top youth organizations

This week, JPB was invited by the Alliance for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP) to participate in its inspiring Shine A Light event. The impressive fundraiser included famous celebrities, politicians, diplomats, and members of the peacebuilding community. Each shared the message of peace, while elevating the work of local peacebuilders and the importance of a government funding for the field.

Actor Jason Issacs interviews Sarah about JPB

In a series of speeches, performances, and panel discussions, the imperative of Israeli-Palestinian peacebuilding was affirmed. One such panel hosted Harry Potter actor, Jason Issacs, and our Jerusalem Regional Co-Director, Sarah Aweidah. Sarah spoke well about JPB's approach and scope, concluding the panel on a hopeful note. You can watch the whole event here!


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