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We are delighted to have Emily Brown return to the JPB Team as our Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Intern. Emily is a political science student attending Yale University in her senior year. She first joined the team last summer and was tasked with rebuilding, strengthening, and helping to execute M&E protocols for a host of JPB programs. This summer, she has returned to continue strengthening M&E for JPB's youth, educator, and women's programs, as well as to expand and improve upon the research she completed last year. Her work provides crucial data analysis showcasing the impact of our programs. Reflecting on her internship, Emily shared these words:

"My time as an intern with the Jerusalem Peacebuilders last summer has been a highlight of my college career, and I am excited to return this summer to not only work with an incredible team for an important cause, but to also have the opportunity to use my enhanced data skills and improve upon the work done last year!"


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