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SCHOOL PROGRAMS COMMENCE: Partners, old and new, welcome JPB

This autumn, our leadership and peacebuilding courses will begin in several schools across the Holy Lands and in Houston. The dynamic program focuses on identity, communication, recognizing conflict, and managing conflict effectively. Offered at successive levels for students in grades 9-12, our Israeli affiliate, JPB Leadership Development (JPBLD) is looking forward to teaching at the Sts. Tarkmanchatz School and Hand in Hand School in Jerusalem while adding more schools across the area, including the Iksal High School, an Amal-affiliated high school, St. Joseph School, Ort Nof Hagalil and the Nazareth High School. Over in Houston, school programs include familiar partners ILM Academy, Emery Weiner School, and St. Cecilia Catholic School. It will be an exciting fall of learning and teaching!


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