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SUMMER 2020 RECAP: 4 Online Summer Institutes, 60+ participants, 1 success story!

Just to recap - JPB hosted four online summer institutes for 60+ Americans, Israelis, and Palestinians in early August. The programs were held over the course of two weeks and featured much of the hallmarks of our transformational summer experience. Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Druze, and Alawi youth and staff engaged in meaningful workshops and dialogues on Identity, communication, storytelling, conflict resolution, and peacebuilding. In addition to the care packages, social time, and movie nights, we were blessed to welcome renowned faith leaders Rabbi David Rosen, Coadjutor Bishop Hosam Naoum, and Dr. Mustafa Abu Sway for an interactive, interfaith panel discussion. With the second lockdown firmly in place, we are preparing to hold our Summer 2020 Reunions online in late-October, as well as offer alumni programming for our growing community. These parts of our multi-year peacebuilding program are more essential than ever to keep youth engaged and committed.


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