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SUMMER INSTITUTE RECAP: Six programs operated successfully

In July and August, we conducted a total of six summer institutes for 100+ youth and adults across three continents. Our biggest summer ever! Two programs were offered for teachers in Cambridge, UK and Jerusalem, while four were held for teenagers in Houston and New Haven in the USA. The institutes included: EXCEL (I & II), Voyager, Global Voices, Interfaith Citizens, and Leadership. An impressive series of workshops, dialogue, service-projects, cultural events, and interfaith learning activities comprised each program's curriculum and design. Enjoy the photos below and check out these participant poems and speeches! They give a glimpse into how peace was built this summer:

Interfaith Citizens Institute teens visit Houston City Hall and meet with City Council Person David Robinson
Voyager Institute participants and staff prepare food donations at the Houston Food Bank

Leadership Institute participants and staff tour the United Nations in New York
Global Voices Institute teens make challah bread before Shabbat

EXCEL Institute teachers complete their week in Cambridge with gifts from the university
Summer Staff and Board Members at the Camp Allen Kensinger Kitchen during its inauguration

The billboard overlooking Interstate 95 in Connecticut, created during the Leadership Institute's Interfaith Service Day in partnership with IWagePeace and ECCT


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