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World Press Photo Summit Days

What’s it like personally to teach 1,600 teens in just two weeks? Just ask JPB Senior Educator and Curriculum Advisor, Sarah Benazera who led another successful year for the World Press Summit Day for Israeli high school educators and students. The annual World Press Photo Exhibition promotes communication and critical thinking, as well as encourages students to talk about issues such as freedom of speech, gender equality, racism, democracy, and climate change.

This year, the two-week event took place at the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv during January. Over 1,600 10th and 12th grade high schoolers and 75 teachers participated in 60 hours of workshops designed and facilitated by Sarah Benazera. Sponsored by the US Embassy in Israel, the project offers a unique opportunity for students to meet, communicate in English, learn from one another, and learn from stories and cultures from all around the world. It also provides another example of how JPB continues to be on the leading edge of peace and leadership education in the Holy Lands. Bravo, Sarah!


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